Innovative teaching materials in the CENETSIE project – e-books

The main goal in this task is to prepare 5 e-books – teaching materials/books with case study in English, which will be useful to students and academics.
The e-books will be published as academic textbooks: peer-reviewed, assigned the ISBN number, in electronic form, with free access for researchers and students.
The following e-book items are being prepared:


Title of e-books Coordinator from the Poznań University of Economics and Business Authors
Accounting Challenges for Sustainability and Innovations


Marzena Remlein Nikolina (Zagreb), Ana (Zagreb),  Libor (Praga), Petr (Praga), Kasia (Poznań), Marek (Poznań), David (Praga), Ewelina (Poznań), Artur (Poznań),  Jiri (Praga), Żaneta (Poznań), Piotr (Poznań), Marzena (Poznań),
Sustainability and sustainable development Magdalena Stefańska Barbara (Poznań), Blażenka (Zagreb), Atanaska (Svishtov), Krisztian (Szeged), Anna (Poznań), Iwona (Poznań), Sylwester (Poznań), Marzena (Poznań), Magdalena (Poznań), Jana (Nitra), Anna (Nitra)
Qualitative and quantitative methods in sustainable development Iwona Olejnik Atanaska (Svishtov), Blażenka (Zagreb), Sylwester (Poznań), Richard (Prague), Bartłomiej (Poznań), Iwona (Poznań),
Sustainable Development – Innovations in Business Robert Romanowski Robert (Poznań), Magda (Poznań), Jakub (Poznań), Iskra (Svishtov), Lyubcho (Svishtov), Pavel
(Prague), Luboš (Prague), Jan (Prague), Dora (Zagreb), Mate (Zagreb), Lucie Sára (Prague), Iwona
Production – operation management. Chosen aspects Dariusz Nowak Deneva (Svishtov), Iskra (Svishtov), Sebastian (Poznań), Richard (Prague), Vasyl (Kiev), Bartek (Poznań), Dariusz (Poznań)
Experimental design and biometric research. Toward innovations Sylwester Białowąs

Jakub (Nitra), Sylwester (Poznań), Blazenka (Zagreb), Bartłomiej (Poznan), Atanaska (Svistov), Adrianna (Poznań), Berislav (Zagreb)


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Source of financing: The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (project No.: PPI/APM/2019/1/00047/U/00001)