The main distinguishing elements of research tools:

– the possibility of carrying out research in an experimental model
– possibility of randomly assigning stimulants (graphics) to a research participant
– access to the results for additional people based on a password
– data downloaded in csv, xlsx format
– the possibility of implementing an external site (access rights required) as a component of the entire study
– time measurement of individual activities
– possibility to record sessions (data is anonymized)
– no possibility to go back while answering
– the possibility of specifying the survey link
– possibility to disable polls
– possibility of resetting the results
– predefined answers to improve usability
– option to indicate shortcuts of questions to improve data analysis
– the possibility of defining the logic of transition between sections depending on the answers provided
– forcing the end of answering in the absence of the desired answer to filtering questions
– flexibility in terms of editing the content / form of questions
– the ability to limit the display of the questionnaire for mobile devices
– responsive nature of the website, including the presented stimulant